How do you use bottom line? (2023)

How do you use the phrase bottom line?

bottom line noun [C] (FINAL RESULT)

the final result or the most important consideration of a situation, activity, or discussion: The bottom line is that they lost the game.

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How do you write the bottom line?

Place any conclusions or decisions first, then give supporting facts and reasons. If your audience is receptive or indifferent, place your bottom line on top. If your audience is resistant, put your bottom line between two positive statements. If your document is long, recap any key ideas or needs at the end.

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What does bottom line mean in a essay?

The bottom line describes the ultimate outcome of a situation or the most important or fundamental facet of that situation.

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How do you manage the bottom line?

Ten Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line
  1. Adjust your pricing. ...
  2. Cut down on expenses. ...
  3. Reduce interest payments. ...
  4. Look for new opportunities. ...
  5. Learn to fail quickly. ...
  6. Work smart. ...
  7. Utilize the power of a mentor. ...
  8. Focus your marketing efforts.

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What is another way to say the bottom line?

What is another word for bottom line?
228 more rows

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What does it mean to bottom line?

The term "bottom line" is commonly used in reference to any actions that may increase or decrease net earnings or a company's overall profit. A company that is growing its earnings or reducing its costs is said to be improving its bottom line.

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What is a bottom line example?

Example Sentences

Noun If our flight is late, we will miss our connection. That's the bottom line. A student with special needs can stress a school's budget, but the bottom line is that the state must provide for the child's education.

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What is the bottom line quote?

“The bottom line is determined by those at the top.” “The bottom line is that you can't lead the person you can't serve!” “It is equally important to know if we have a happy and engaged workforce as it is to have a profitable bottom line.”

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How important is the bottom line?

The Bottom Line on the Bottom Line

It is an important indicator of overall conditions in the company's target markets. It is also a barometer of management's effectiveness in selecting strategies, investing in products and services, marketing, and cost control.

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What is a bottom line conclusion?

the final reality; the important conclusion. Literally, the bottom line is the final total in an account or balance sheet.

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How did you impact the bottom line?

In order to gauge your potential to add value to the company, an employer might ask, "How did you impact the bottom line in your last job?" The "bottom line" traditionally refers to an increase in revenue, and/or a reduction of costs or expenses.

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What part of speech is bottom line?

noun. the last line of a financial statement, used for showing net profit or loss.

How do you use bottom line? (2023)
How can you positively impact bottom line?

We've identified six key ways your HR department can have a positive impact on your organisation's bottom line…
Ideally, your leaders should:
  1. have a clear vision for the business.
  2. communicate effectively.
  3. be results-focused.
  4. be strong role models.
  5. inspire excellent performance.
  6. and be good at building relationships.

What is the abbreviation for bottom line?

BLUF (bottom line up front) is the practice of beginning a message with its key information (the "bottom line"). This provides the reader with the most important information first. By extension, that information is also called a BLUF.

How do you write the bottom line up front?

A BLUF (bottom line up front) is a framework where the essential information is placed at the beginning of the text, rather than the end.
You can also use the BLIND framework, especially on email-based applications:
  1. BL = Bottom Line.
  2. I = Impact on the organization.
  3. N = Next steps to be taken.
  4. D = Details.

What does bottom line mean in technical writing?

Bottom line is that part of the text which delivers the information in a concise and focused manner according to the importance of the reader. It cuts down the clutter in a way that an accurate message can be delivered in a logical pattern.

What is the opposite of bottom line?

additional. extra. inessential. minor.

What does focus on the bottom line mean?

A bottom-line focus means the company puts earning profit for owners or shareholders as a top priority.

What is bottom line orientation?

People with a Bottom Line personality are bold, confident, and all about tackling that next challenge.

When writing an email the bottom line really is?

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF).

It declares the purpose of the email and action required. The BLUF should quickly answer the five W's: who, what, where, when, and why. An effective BLUF distills the most important information for the reader.

When creating the overview Why is it important to give the bottom line up front?

The purpose of the bottom line is to capture the decisive moment of your argument, the sentence or two that most directly reflects your point of view. At the beginning of a document, the bottom line saves time by enabling the reader to respond immediately.

Does bottom line mean conclusion?

Bottom line usually refers to the most important conclusion or outcome derived from an explanation, elaboration, or discussion. In business, the term signifies the last thing that ultimately matters to the companies – the profits/earnings/income.

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