What soda has the most caffeine? [Solved] (2022)

What soda has the highest caffeine count?

Jolt Cola - by far the most well-known higher caffeinated soda.... read more ›

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Which soda has more caffeine than coffee?

If you guessed that coffee has a higher caffeine rate, you are correct! A 12-oz cup of coffee has at least 140 mg of caffeine or more in it. That's around three to four times more caffeine than coke! You may be shocked to learn that Diet Coke actually contains more caffeine than its regular counterpart.... see more ›

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Which soda has the most caffeine to keep you awake?

#1 Pepsi One — 57.1mg Caffeine

The winner for the soda with the highest level of caffeine, Pepsi One, is sure to wake you up every time you crack one open.... see more ›

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What soda has the most caffeine 2022?

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is currently the soda with the most caffeine, beating out other versions of Mountain Dew and Big Fizz Cola.... see details ›

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Which has more caffeine Dr Pepper or Coke?

Some of the more common national-brand carbonated beverages analyzed in this study with their caffeine contents were Coca-Cola (33.9 mg/12 oz), Diet Coke (46.3 mg/12 oz), Pepsi (38.9 mg/12 oz), Diet Pepsi (36.7 mg/12 oz), Dr Pepper (42.6 mg/12 oz), Diet Dr Pepper (44.1 mg/12 oz), Mountain Dew (54.8 mg/12 oz), and Diet ...... see details ›

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What drinks have the most caffeine?

Energy Drinks With the Most Caffeine
DrinkCaloriesmg / fl oz
Reign Total Body Fuel (16 fl oz)018.8
Rockstar Thermo (16 fl oz)018.8
Rockstar XDurance (16 fl oz)1018.8
Viso Energy Drink (17 fl oz)14017.6
19 more rows

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What has more caffeine Coke or Pepsi?

As far as caffeine is concerned, Pepsi has 4 mg more caffeine than Coke per 12 fl oz can.... continue reading ›

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What is worse for you coffee or soda?

Coffee is the clear winner, particularly if you don't add sugar! Cola has 43 times more calories than the same volume of long black. A can of cola contains about ten teaspoons of sugar and virtually no nutrients.... continue reading ›

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What is the best energy drink to wake you up?

Energy drinks to keep you awake and alive this fall
  • Monster Zero Ultra. ...
  • Bang Star Blast/Cotton Candy. ...
  • Red Bull Blue Edition. ...
  • NOS Energy. ...
  • Rockstar Energy.
Aug 9, 2019
... see more ›

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How long does caffeine stay in your system?

The level of caffeine in your blood peaks about one hour later and stays at this level for several hours for most people. Six hours after caffeine is consumed, half of it is still in your body. It can take up to 10 hours to completely clear caffeine from your bloodstream.... continue reading ›

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Does 7UP have caffeine?

The original 7UP is caffeine-free, low in sodium and made with 100% natural flavors. 7UP is a fantastic drink on its own and is also a perfect addition to meals and recipes for any occasion.... see details ›

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Is Mountain Dew high in caffeine?

Mountain Dew & Caffeine

Mountain Dew is one of the many caffeinated soft drinks available, competing against Coca-Cola and a few others. It contains one of the highest levels of caffeine in the soda industry, topping out at around 54mg of caffeine per 12-oz serving.... view details ›

What soda has the most caffeine? [Solved] (2022)

Which drinks have the most caffeine?

Which Soda has the most caffeine?
DrinkCaloriesmg / fl oz
Bawls (16 fl oz)1906.4
Coca-Cola With Coffee (12 fl oz)705.8
Pepsi Zero Sugar (12 fl oz)05.8
Ski Soda (12 fl oz)1805.8
16 more rows

Which has more caffeine Coke or Pepsi?

As far as caffeine is concerned, Pepsi has 4 mg more caffeine than Coke per 12 fl oz can.... see more ›

Does Mt Dew have more caffeine than Coke?

Mountain Dew is a popular citrus-flavored carbonated drink - stylized as Mtn Dew, and manufactured by PepsiCo. What surprises many people is the level of caffeine in Mountain Dew - at 54mg it is significantly higher than Coca-cola. The drink comes in a multitude of flavors and serving sizes and special editions.... see more ›

How much caffeine is too much?

Healthy adults shouldn't consume more than 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day. That's equal to about four 8-ounce cups of brewed coffee or 10 cans of cola. Teens should limit their caffeine intake to less than 100 mg per day (one 8-ounce cup of coffee or about two cans of cola).... see details ›

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